Effective Window Cleaning Solutions for Sparkling Windows

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What do you see when you quickly look out the window? Water stains, obtrusive streaks, filth, grime, and stains of questionable origins. Wouldn’t you like to look out a spotless window at your lovely garden or yard? Grease can accumulate around your windows over time. All of us desire a streak-free finish, yet washing your window cleaning solutions may be a real hassle. Not to add that specialized cleaning supplies can be expensive and created with highly harsh and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Our blog is here to help if your windows are beginning to seem filthy. There are several basic homemade window cleaning solutions that you may use quickly to clean your dirty windows, like vinegar and lemon juice. With these simple cleaning procedures, you can keep your windows and doors spotless and in no time, you’ll be cleaning like an expert.

Why It Is Important To Clean Window

Increases Your Home’s Curb Value

Your home’s windows give it a beautiful visual appeal and raise its curb appeal. To impress potential buyers, it is therefore essential to deep clean your windows if you intend to sell your property soon.

Improves The Quality Of The Air Within Your Home

Airborne dust that might cause allergic responses, asthma attacks, and breathing difficulties in children and elderly people should also be kept out of windows.

Increase Energy Efficiency

If your windows are dirty, the sunshine won’t be able to shine through and your home’s heating efficiency will suffer. Keep the home window clean because more cleaner the glass, the more it will bring natural light in.

Make and Use Homemade Powerful Cleaning Solutions

Windows are prone to collecting dust and filth, which necessitates the use of many cleaning agents to achieve thorough removal. While there are many pricey cleaners available from your neighbourhood stores that are designed for window cleaning, using the following window cleaning solutions, will help you save money and time. In a bucket of warm water, begin by adding a few drops of a moderate dishwashing liquid detergent. Avoid creating too many bubbles since the soap may leave a thin layer on the glass if you do. After wiping off the windows with this soapy solution, you may begin cleaning them down with a water-and-white vinegar solution.

Lemon Juice To The Rescue

With a lemon juice cleaning solution, cleaning those dirty window cleaning solutions won’t be difficult. Lemon juice may be applied on glass and plastic surfaces without worrying about causing damage because of its acidic base. Lemon is antibacterial and antiseptic, acting as a natural bleach. Lemons are a great cleaning product and offer a natural cleaning power, much like vinegar does. Lemon juice also works well as a degreaser if you’re tired of those bothersome greasy fingerprints. One cup of hot water should be added after shaking up one tablespoon of white vinegar and two teaspoons of lemon juice in an empty spray bottle.


Distilled white vinegar includes acetic acid, which is primarily why it is such an effective glass cleaner. The invisible organic substance that gives white vinegar its strong flavour and aroma also helps to destroy certain germs. You may destroy germs on hard surfaces around the house when you wash windows with vinegar in addition to breaking down and removing grime, oil, and mineral deposits.

The EPA requirement for goods marketed as sanitisers, which requires real sanitizing cleansers to eliminate 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria and viruses, should not be substituted, it is vital to highlight.


Our ancestors used plain newspaper as a means of getting windows to sparkle. The process is easy. Use vinegar or water and detergent to clean the windows. When the newspaper is dry, crumple it into a ball and firmly massage the glass with the ball. However, be careful not to use too much force should you injure yourself and break a window. As an alternative, you may wrap a few newspaper pages into a thick ball and submerge it in a combination of vinegar and water or water and detergent. Your windows will sparkle like never before, but the process could be a little messy. Wear rubber gloves if you are concerned that the newspaper’s ink will stain your hands.


Saying it is enjoyable, and using it is fulfilling. In addition to being used to window cleaning solutions inside the home, they are utilized to clean windscreens at gas stations. If used properly, squeegees are a great tool to have in your arsenal when cleaning your house.

Less streaks and smearing result from squeegees’ usage of their thin, rubber side to remove water. For the greatest results, make sure to clean your squeegee with a dry cloth or piece of newspaper.

Dishwasher Soap

Looking to give your external window-washing task a bit extra force? You may help by adding dish soap rinse aid to your pail of water. Add 1 gallon of water and 4–5 tablespoons of dish soap in a bucket.

Use a yard hose to thoroughly wet your windows before applying the mixture. After that, clean the glass with a sponge or microfiber cloth. Right after cleaning, quickly rinse the window cleaning solutions with water.

Isopropyl / Rubbing Alcohol

The vinegar and the solvent rubbing alcohol combine to remove the filth on your windows. Additionally, it accelerates evaporation, assisting in preventing streaks. It is accessible everywhere you would buy bandages or plasters and is offered under the name “surgical spirits” in the first aid department of shops. Depending on its water content, isopropyl is available in strengths ranging from 70% to 90%. The faster it evaporates, the higher the percentage, and the less water it holds. To prevent producing streaks while using 90% in this recipe, you would need to work quickly.


Use a couple of teaspoons of ammonia in a pail of warm water for an alternative odour. Afterwards, you might want to keep the windows open to let the stench go. For even more cleaning power, use tiny quantities of vinegar and ammonia.

Strip Applicator

Alternatively, you may use a fuzzy strip applicator to apply your cleaning solution to the window cleaning solutions in a professional manner. By working up a thick lather, you may remove water stains, dirt, filth, and other debris from your window. Keep in mind to scrub vigorously to get rid of tough stains and spots.

How To Clean Windows From Inside And Outside

Pick The Right Day For Clean, Streak-Free Windows

Is the weather pleasant? Wait till it is overcast before cleaning the windows. A sunny day may make streaks easier to perceive, but direct sunlight frequently dries the windows too rapidly, which is a primary contributor to streaks.

Blinds And Curtains Must Be Removed

The next step is to take down any curtains or blinds after deciding on the best time of day to clean your windows. Using a vacuum or a duster, you may get rid of cobwebs and grime from the area surrounding the window frame once they have been taken down.

Put Your Cleaning Solution In A Bucket After Adding Warm Water To It

Fill up your cleaning solution and get ready to go. Simply mix two teaspoons of vinegar with a little warm water to create your own homemade vinegar-based window-cleaning solution. you prevent irritability, make sure you put on rubber gloves.

Start Window Cleaning

Apply the vinegar solution to the windowpanes if the filth is stubbornly stuck on and won’t budge. Wait a few minutes before using a sponge to scrub the grime away. If your windows have matte paint or frames that are merely undercoated, avoid using a vinegar solution on them since it might cause stains.

Leave It To Dry And Squeegee

After applying the solution with a sponge, start wiping off each window glass with a squeegee and a microfiber cleaning cloth. To remove extra water and collect any drips, use a cloth or towel. Give your windows some time to dry after squeegeeing. It’s that simple to get clean windows now.

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