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Top Rated pressure washing company that specializes in Parking Garages.

Parking Garage cleaning services are becoming more important these days and people are more aware of the harmful germs that could accumulate in their home or business, and how they can easily spread when you don’t properly clean your property. Our services are available to owners of commercial and residential parking garages. We’ve seen it all, from oil stains, to dirt and mud that has been tracked in by customers. Our Parking Garage Pressure Washing Services in Pearland TX and the surrounding Houston areas. Cleaning companies are not only in charge of making your place look clean creating a good first impression for visitors or potential customers. Did you know that oil and grease buildup on your parking garage can be very harmful to your employees? On top of looking very unprofessional it can cause health problems for those who work on the parking garages often. GreaseKleen can  remove any oil or grease buildup on the top of your parking garage, making it safe to work on.

Our parking garage cleaning Services

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Parking Garage Cleaning

 GreaseKleen Industries is the most trusted parking garage pressure washing company in Houston Tx. We provide cleaning services for all types of parking garages including, parking decks, parking lots, and parking structures. Greasekleen Industries services create a good first impression on your customers, are in compliance with safety standards and disinfection guidelines. We have a flexible schedule and work during your business’s off-hours to avoid interrupting your operations. We clean all areas in your parking areas and have a unique cleaning method for frequently-touched surfaces. Our goal is to create a safe and joyful experience for your customers and employees.

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Office Building Parking Cleaning

We want you to feel safe in your workplace, especially if you are sharing it with other co-workers. Our parking cleaning services for office buildings will leave your place looking brand new and create a healthy, safe environment for all the workers. We follow the cleaning guidance from the EPA and make sure to use registered disinfectants to kill any harmful germs. We pay special attention to those shared areas and frequently touched surfaces. Our services will help you and your coworkers feel safe presence of harmful germs.

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Facilities Garage Cleaning

Medical facilities are by far the commercial business’ that require the most disinfecting of all. Most patrons of medical facilities are suffering some kind of illness that could be infectious. This makes it extremely common for harmful germs to spread easily and cause cross-contamination. If you own a medical facility you should regularly schedule Parking Garage Cleaning Services to protect your patients and employees daily. We understand that medical facilities have particular needs and require unique approaches to ensure all surfaces are free of harmful germs, and other hazards.

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We come to you and do the dirty work for you, for a very reasonable price.

We travel to you and pressure wash all your parking garages and decks so you don’t have too. Did you know that all that dirt and grease stuck to your parking garage is harmful to your employees? We come out quarterly to pressure wash your parking garage, removing dirt, dirt buildup, oil, grease build-up, and any other kind of grime that may be caked on to the top of your parking garage.

Our services are available to owners of commercial and residential parking garages. We’ve seen it all, from oil stains left by cars that wait a few days before the owners can get them detailed, to pet urine stains, to dirt and mud that has been tracked in by customers.

Our team has extensive knowledge of harmful microorganisms, how long they can survive on surfaces, and the proper techniques to sanitize and disinfect your property. Our staff has specialized training in safety standards and  methods. We use EPA-registered cleaning products that are effective to kill any harmful microorganisms, won’t leave behind any strong odors, and are completely safe for your family or patrons attending your business. We have all the necessary protective equipment and we have a particular approach to frequently-touched surfaces that can’t be beaten. Our biggest priority is the safety of your family, customers, and employees! 

Pressure Washing in Pearland TX,

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Renting a power washer? Climbing ladders? Gathering the tools and cleaning solutions? No way, with our professional service all you have to do, is sit back and enjoy a sparkly clean home!

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Power Washing Pearland TX

Kyle and Rachel arrived early and efficiently removed the debris from the exterior of my home. I am completely satisfied with the power washing service rendered. Will absolutely recommend to friends and utilize GreaseKleen Industries in the future. Kudos on a job very well done!

Amanda W.

Power Washing In Pearland TX

One of the better power washing services out there. Being a hands on type one can appreciate how quick and reliable GREASE KLEEN is. You have to let them do your house , drive way , and windows. I saw them at my neighbors and can't wait to get my house done. Got us scheduled this week. All I got to say, if you've never had this service before. Try it. Ill make you a believer yet.

Michael Dalton

Power Washing Pearland

GreaseKleen Industries removed mud daubers from our exterior and washed the windows. The price was good. They missed a few nests, but came right back the next day to get the rest.

Albert M.

Effective Eco Friendly Methods

GreaseKleen specializes in these tough jobs. We have the right equipment, cleaning knowledge, and chemicals to remove all types of stains safely. We also have a water recycling system that eliminates costly disposal expenses.

Protecting Your Investment

Your parking garage is a valuable asset that you want to protect from the elements. GreaseKleen is experienced in all types of pressure washing operations and has the proper equipment to accomplish your cleaning goals.

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Frequently Asked questions parking garage Cleaning Services

Yes, such a delicate service as parking garage cleaning should only be performed by licensed workers. Our team goes through extensive training to understand the disinfection and cleaning guidelines and what are the right products to use, as well as the necessary protective equipment that this service requires. Each member of our team carries an insurance policy so you don’t have to worry in the future about any liability issues.

Non-critical places should be cleaned at least twice a year, however medical facilities require more frequent cleaning services, as well as frequently touched surfaces. You can contact us with details regarding the garage you want us to clean, its unique needs and we will develop a cleaning schedule that’s right for you.

Our prices will depend on the size of the garage you want us to clean,  whether the place is critically at-high risk or not, and its current condition. You can contact us and we will shortly provide you a quote.

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